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Page 1 of  1 Member Listing Found 18
Last, First Name Location Language Years Used
Allain, Philippe France Delphi 8+ Years
Brian, lopez France JBuilder/Java 3+ Years
County, etienne France CBuilder <1 Year
Dagrenat, dagrenat France Delphi >10 years
Enricogok, Enricogok France Kylix 9+ Years
Enricogok, Enricogok France CBuilder 8+ Years
FAURE, Patrick France CBuilder 5+ Years
HAIM, Francois France CBuilder <1 Year
Hinds, Sanford France 1+ Year
Leblanc, Dany France JBuilder/Java <1 Year
Libaud, Frédéric France Kylix <1 Year
Lucas, Daniel France Kylix <1 Year
Paul, Kizz France Kylix <1 Year
PETIT, Pierre Marie France Kylix <1 Year
Tildnisaded, Tildnisaded France JBuilder/Java 2+ Years
Tildnisaded, Tildnisaded France C#Builder/C# 8+ Years
UBLET, Nicolas France C#Builder/C# 5+ Years
Verrier, Cyril France CBuilder <1 Year
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