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What is the value of a Borland Certification in terms of a programmers ability ? Turn on/off line numbers in source code. Switch to Orginial background IDE or DSP color Comment or reply to this aritlce/tip for discussion. Bookmark this article to my favorite article(s). Print this article
Borland certification - any Borland tool 14-Sep-04
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Stubbs, David W
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			Hello DevSuperPage Readers.

A real question with real questions to ponder or just titles with a lot of hot air 

Can programming certification prove a value to improve a programmers ability to 
work with Borlands C++ and its other programming tools ?  

I say Yes.  

What can be gained from certification?

I have not achieved any of Borlands certification But I have and M.C.P. 
certification and card. However, I believe this accounting which follows will 
provide a good measure of what to expect as an aspirant of a Borland certification.

Caveat consideration here please

1): Basis of rationale for certification question. I have achieved an MCP 
Certification with Microsofts Visual Basic 6.0. I achieved a good mark with the 
exam and felt very proud of the achievement. I can also program.

Allow me to say that without question it was an  achievement with a capital "A" to 
have successfully writen an MCP certification exam.  One that I am proud of in 
terms of programming betterment. 

How about that word betterment? How about improved quality.
That's it, improved quality as a programmer, I am certain of it, was what I believe 
I had REALIZED when I finished well the exam. A betterment too.

Wait a minute there's more to this than a verbose statement of
what the certification is. Let's see, Ok it further provides a cohesive learning 
base   for full comprehension of the many components which are the demands for the 
programmer to know and know well. These components parts are: the language tool , 
the working environment and the Boss giving directions.  

I believe that without question the path to certification is one that should be 
sought in terms moreso of establishing a quality of a programmers programming 
perspective and  timing hence status. It is beyond most books yet gives reach to 
even better book reading.

Forum response required:
Borland has Certification programs if you know any details  pertaining to your 
awareness or experience with them please post your reply.

List I have:

1): Borland Web site references to certification programs in education.

All the best

David W. Stubbs

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