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Check if a string is a positive number Turn on/off line numbers in source code. Switch to Orginial background IDE or DSP color Comment or reply to this aritlce/tip for discussion. Bookmark this article to my favorite article(s). Print this article
Checar si una cadena es un numero positivo 17-May-07
CBuilder All Versions
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2   //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
3   /* 
4   English: This function receives a chain, Czech character x character to see if it 
5   is possible to be turned to positive number.
7   Spanish: This function receives a chain, Czech character x character to see if it 
8   is possible to be turned to positive number
9   */
10  bool __fastcall TF_Principal::EsNumeroPositivo(String s_cadena)
11  {
12   int i_posicion=0, i_puntos=0;
13   String s_validos = ".0123456789", s_caracter="";
14   bool bl_numero=true;
16   // Si la cadena que recibe está vacia regresa falso
17   //If the chain that receives is vacia it returns false
18   if (s_cadena=="")
19       bl_numero=false;
20   else
21       /* 
22  English:It is crossing the chain that receives and checking if the s_validos 
23  characters that compose it are inside of the chain (it is to say, it takes a 
24  character and Czech if it is a point or a number. If the extraido character of the 
25  s_cadena chain is not in the chain s_validos it returns false
26  Spanish:Va recorriendo la cadena que recibe y checando si los caracteres que la 
27          componen están dentro de la cadena s_validos (es decir, toma un caracter 
28          y checa si es un punto o un número.
29          Si el caracter extraido de la cadena s_cadena no se encuentra en la 
30          cadena s_validos regresa falso
31       */
32       for (int i_x=1;i_x <=s_cadena.Length();i_x++)
33           {
34            s_caracter=s_cadena.SubString(i_x,1);
35            i_posicion=s_validos.Pos(s_caracter);
37            if (i_posicion==0)
38               {
39                bl_numero=false;
40                break;
41               }
42            else
43                /* 
44  English:
45  It means that the extraido character of s_cadena is a point or a number, then Czech 
46  if the character that it is extracting of the s_cadena chain is a point. If it is 
47  thus, increases the accountant that we used to see how many times it appears the 
48  point in the s_cadena chain.
50  Spanish:
51  Significa que el caracter extraido de s_cadena es un punto o un 
52                   número, entonces checa si el caracter que está extrayendo de la 
53                   cadena s_cadena es un punto. Si es así, incrementa el contador 
54                   que usamos para ver cuántas veces aparece el punto en la cadena 
55                   s_cadena
56                */
57                if (s_caracter==".")
58                    i_puntos++;
59  //If there is but of a point in the chain, it returns false
60            // Si hay mas de un punto en la cadena, regresa falso
61            if (i_puntos>1)
62               {
63                bl_numero=false;
64                break;
65               }
66           }
68   return bl_numero;
69  }

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