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C++ Builder - and the future Longhorn OS Turn on/off line numbers in source code. Switch to Orginial background IDE or DSP color Comment or reply to this aritlce/tip for discussion. Bookmark this article to my favorite article(s). Print this article
Operating Systems and C++ Builder 11-Apr-04
CBuilder All Versions
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Stubbs, David W
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			Concept O.S.   -  Operating System - Longhorn

This is a concept piece in an attempt to understand the Longhorn in terms
of what it may be in terms of C++ and the Builder. 

Your feedback is welcome.

The longhorn is an interesting notion of an operating system. It is also
ambitious and a benifet to C++ Builder.

O.S. Today
In the more stable XP world of today there has been an addition of a
development environment known as the .Net. The Win32 OS, Xp provides
for it to be used.

The proposed .Nets longhorn is the inverse of today's O.S. Interestingly
enough the proposed O.S. of tomorrow will be the .Net platform which by 
the way will allow for the win32 to be conversant in a managed sector of it. 
Some may say that it is an insult to relegate the Win32 to this state.

But wait a minute - that may not be quite right in terms of functionality -
nor the future, nor as an insult. It may be part of greater things to come. 
with C++ Builder welcomed and apart of it as well.

Where or what may Longhorn be able to do? Extend your perspective.

Consider - an O.S. which will allow for some, any or all platforms to be
managed in a collective called a selective O.S.  This O.S. could be managed 
processing wise by the .Net

These platforms are called when communications require. It also means
any OS or platform may communicate with  the longhorn. As for speed 
- a buffer of interpretation to .Net standards like a virtual interpreter will
allow for comparable performance in native code terms.

This means it may be possible that any os or platform will be allowed to 
communicate with the Longhorn OS. 

The longhorn OS may also be allowed to be selectively designed for the
specific requirements of the domain for which it is purchased. This means
too ,that any programming language may function and write on it.

Hey, even the X versions of OS's may be incorporated.

Now that is an O.S - in the X perspective. Ha

Now, C++ Builder writes to most if not all of these OS platforms and 
the XBuilder does em too.

Where will C++ Builder be tomorrow?

Ha, calling OS platforms like functions or classes 

dig it. 

David W. Stubbs

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