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C++ and the Builder - Past , Present and Future - A Take on it. Turn on/off line numbers in source code. Switch to Orginial background IDE or DSP color Comment or reply to this aritlce/tip for discussion. Bookmark this article to my favorite article(s). Print this article
Future of C++ 13-Apr-04
CBuilder All Versions
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Stubbs, David W
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			It seems unclear to alot of people as to what was going on with Borland 
and it C++ language. Given events here is "A take" on it. Hopefully , 
it will make sense and untangle - the jingle jangle jitters. 

This Article Statement  and purpose:

C++ Builder 6 will merge with the X later for backwards compatibility
and add a new C++ flavour to handle the .Net. It will also include
the new additons for Unix as well as provide other compiler options.
One heck of a diverse bundle for software development no matter
how you look at it.  Given what has happened and what the future is
likely to be.

What Borland has done so far: 
Borland has split the egg - so to speak when it comes to C++ and 
the Builder.  On one side of the egg it has C++ Builder 6 with the other
side of the egg being C++ Builder X. 

One is the past and present and the other the present and the future - 

What it is: 
C++ Builder 6 == Classes for Windows(&complete with components 
&CLX for linux) 

C++ Builder 6 == the less than .Net programming although code is 
expected to run on the new .Net platform Longhorn - which has not
been released yet. 

C++ Builder 6 == CLX programming , and there may be a greater 
demand for it than most might think. 

Since Hp (A large corporation for hardware required an O.S. for its 
computers went looking for one. Hp signed a deal with TurboLinux to 
provide it. 

Does this mean CLX class programming will work with TurboLinux ? 
Don't know, but it makes good business sense for Borland if it does. 
If it does Borland was in fact smart to add it to the C++ Builder 6 . 
With this, there should be development projects around for it. 

What does this mean? 
6 is viable in both windows and linux and should be around for a while 
yet. so happy programming for the 6'ers on windows and linux. 

Onto the X platform: 

What it is: 
C++ BuilderX == Unix and other compiler options , as well it has 
Windows but in Win32 programming style. 

X deals with the unix platforms mainly but if you want to do windows you
must either use Win32 api construction of windows programming for 
component developments. or use the deep 6. 

In windows terms since 6 already provides - X is setting to grow its own
C++ to ready its position in future O.S.s 

Both products came out one following the other and within the duration 
of its product sales space ----- to serve these markets. 

What does this mean for the future ? One era departs and a new begins : 

My take on it - based on events. *(I may be wrong here) 
C++ BuilderX Future will have : options for VCL, CLX, Unix, Win32, 
solaris , Mac and  just to take the jitters out of a C++ windows future 
- a C++ for .Net  ------- in C++ language terms 

What I think it will do - to participate on the .Net.

Borlands C++ will create : 
C++ (without changes to the language) add a hint of special Borland 
savvy when it comes to tight programming making the C++ for .Net 
options programming to be as fast as the .Nets C# running on the .Net 

How? - C++ will look to its logo, drop down both (+ +s) strap em to either 
side of the C like wheels and hook into the .Net with its known compiler 
power  and traverse it without shredding it like nobodies business. 
(I'm dreaming here, but sometimes dreams do come true) Ha 

Anyway - just some thoughts into the future of Borlands C++ deep 6 
and the oncoming C++ Builder X1 X2 

Corrections, please 

Dig it  and happy programming

David W. Stubbs 

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