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Page 1 of  1 Delphi Keyword Date Articles Found 23
How to set a file's modify date time stamp 13-May-2005
How to detect the change of the Date or time of you PC. 17-Oct-2004
How to convert from DateTime to RFC822 date 28-Aug-2003
How to touch a file with a specified date / time 26-Jul-2003
Good Thursday and Easter Date function 30-Jun-2003
How to obtain the Julian date 16-May-2003
How to get a list of dates of specific days in a given date range 13-Feb-2003
Easy way to compare dates 16-Jan-2003
Some useful date calculation routines 19-Nov-2002
How to Know if a date is end of month 2-Nov-2002
How to sort TListView columns by date or time 31-Oct-2002
How to get the date a file was created 20-Oct-2002
How to set the date stamp of a file equal to the date stamp of another 20-Oct-2002
How to sort directory entries by date / time 18-Oct-2002
How to calculate the age based on the date of birth 18-Oct-2002
How to calculate the approximate date of birth given the age 18-Oct-2002
How to check if a date exists 18-Oct-2002
How to change system date and time in Windows 10-Oct-2002
How to calculate the elapsed time between 2 DateTime fields 30-Aug-2002
How to calculate the week from a given date 30-Aug-2002
How to capture the date and time stamp of a file 30-Aug-2002
How to do date math on calculated fields 28-Aug-2002
How to create a status bar that displays the system's time, date and keyboard st 26-Aug-2002
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