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Page 1 of  1 Delphi Keyword Type Articles Found 17
How to tell the type of Internet connection your PC is connected to. 22-Jan-2004
Converting enumerated type values into strings 2-Jan-2004
Determine whether the value in a variant type variable is an Determine whether 4-Oct-2003
How to type cast and type check with Interfaces 7-Sep-2003
How to Add a datetime part to a TDateTime type variable 15-Jun-2003
How to Get Documentation for Type Library 9-Jun-2003
How to read a registry entry of type REG_MULTI_SZ 19-Mar-2003
How to use True Type fonts without installing 24-Jan-2003
How to remove all components of a certain type at run time 21-Jan-2003
How to return a variant type property value based on the text name of the proper 19-Oct-2002
How to check what type of component is the Sender 19-Oct-2002
How to determine if a method is of type TNotifyEvent 19-Oct-2002
How to determine the type of an EXE file 15-Sep-2002
How to registering a file type on Windows 9x/2000/NT 15-Sep-2002
Changing properties for all components of a certain type 13-Sep-2002
How to tell if a selected font is a True Type font 30-Aug-2002
How to determine the TImage graphic type at runtime 29-Aug-2002
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