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Page 1 of  1 Delphi Keyword Integer Articles Found 15
Num2Str() function 22-Aug-2005
How to sort a TListView column with integers and separators on column click 6-Sep-2004
How to use PostMessage to post a string instead of an integer 18-Sep-2003
Converting a integer containing millisecs to a nice formated string 8-Sep-2003
How to Convert Integers to Base n 23-Jun-2003
Create a sorted TList that holds integers 26-Mar-2003
ow to sort list items of a TListView with integer values as captions 31-Oct-2002
How to save multiple records and an integer into one file 20-Oct-2002
How to convert an integer value to a Roman Numeral representation 19-Oct-2002
How to reverse the byte order of integer values of all sizes 19-Oct-2002
How does a string looks like an integer? 15-Sep-2002
How to interprete property values as textual values instead of integer 30-Aug-2002
How to set a string or integer property for a component if it exists 30-Aug-2002
How to add a string and an integer value to the items property of a TListBox 27-Aug-2002
Formating integers 24-Aug-2002
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