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Developer's Super Page Newsletter

Date: Tuesday, 26-Jul-2005   NewsLetter No. 2

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Here is your Newsletter if you know people that might benefit from Developer's Super, please let them know about this web site, or forward this newsletter to them. You can reselect the type of articles you would like to receive in the next newsletter by logging into and selecting the menu option "Newsletter". Also you can create professional resumes Increase your earning potential, find out how much a company is willing to pay for skills, and move up the corporate ladder. now has over 1200 articles for you to search to find help in developing you applications.

Have a nice day!

DSP News Editor
Developer's Super

This Issue New Articles/Tips:
Question of the Month:
Developer's Super Page Important Message:
New Features:
Mile Stones:
1. 08-Jun-2005 How to Localize your Delphi application
2. 07-Jun-2005 How To clean out Printer Spooler
3. 24-May-2005 How to include files inside a Delphi unit as binaries
4. 22-May-2005 How to create a Simple checkbox with no caption
5. 13-May-2005 How to set a file's modify date time stamp
6. 28-Mar-2005 Bubble Sorting in Delphi/Pascal
7. 01-Feb-2005 How to build a basic FTP server with Indy 10
8. 09-Jan-2005 How to create a Desktop Search Tool Part 1
9. 04-Jan-2005 How to call Windows Explorer Browser Dialog.
10. 08-Dec-2004 How to Compare short strings as numbers
11. 15-Nov-2004 How to show week numbers in a TDateTimePicker
12. 09-Nov-2004 How to use HTML Help in Delphi Applications - a primer
13. 07-Nov-2004 How to Implement Shell Search Handler using Delphi
14. 01-Nov-2004 Why and which ports to use for multitier applications
15. 25-Oct-2004 How to Alpha Blending a Bitmap
16. 25-Oct-2004 How to make a transparent form under Windows 2000 and XP
17. 25-Oct-2004 How to manipulate Icons in the System Tray
18. 25-Oct-2004 How to ping without raw sockets
19. 25-Oct-2004 How to retrieve File Summary Information
20. 25-Oct-2004 How to use transparent Forms in Delphi : Practical advices
21. 25-Oct-2004 Print preview of TRichEdit
22. 25-Oct-2004 Rotate a Bitmap Image in 90-Degree Increments
23. 25-Oct-2004 Walkie-talkie or How to communicate between two Delphi applications
24. 24-Oct-2004 A list of Additional Info about sending Email via Outlook
25. 24-Oct-2004 Properties and nil objects
26. 18-Oct-2004 Delphi Sets {Behind the scene}
1. 07-Jun-2005 How to get your internet IP address
2. 25-Oct-2004 How to encrypt files using many prime numbers Part 1 of 4
3. 25-Oct-2004 How to encrypt files using many prime numbers Part 2 of 4
4. 25-Oct-2004 How to encrypt files using many prime numbers Part 3 of 4
5. 25-Oct-2004 How to encrypt files using many prime numbers Part 4 of 4
6. 19-Oct-2004 How to extract info from the middle of one particular compressed file
7. 18-Oct-2004 How to detect the change of the Date or time of you PC.
1. 19-Jun-2005 How to construct a Recourse Bundle and list Keys and associated pairs Part 2
2. 19-Jun-2005 How to construct a Recourse Bundle and list Keys and associated pairs Part1
3. 19-Jun-2005 How to convert binary to Decimal part 1
4. 19-Jun-2005 How to convert Decmial to Binary part 2
5. 18-Oct-2004 How to copy files from one Directory to another Directory.
1. 29-Mar-2005 How to display information and events in pictures.
2. 09-Jan-2005 Run Kylix GUI programs directly from a console


  Question of the Month:

Question: Is Developer's Super going to support C# ?

Answer: Yes in a few months C# will be added to Developer's Super"

  Developer's Super Page Important Message:
I would like to thank everyone for joining Developer's Super Don't forget to tell your friends and coworkers about Developer's Super
Articles or Tips Wanted: If you have any articles or tips, please post them, so to share your skills or coding talents with other members.
With over 1900 members you can search for a member near your location World Wide with the same skills you have to communicate with.
Post your Articles/Tips.
at Developer's Super Page!
  New Features:
1. Top 10 list there is a list of the best website of members of Developer's Super by two categories one by personal website and the other by company website. if you like to to have your website reviewed send me a email requesting to do so.
2. Top 10 list of best articles submitted by members of Developer's Super your votes count and these are listed by voters opion on a article.
3. News Group Search you can search over 750,000 articles of Borlands news groups.
  Mile Stones:
1. 7-Jan-2005,Congratulations to Mark, Mussetter he became our 1500th person to join Developer's Super
2. 15-Apr-2005 the day recived its 1000th article.

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